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Sign on to NMTC Business Support Letter

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As of today, 203  businesses, representing 44 states and DC, have signed the Coalition’s letter urging Congress to support the New Markets Extension Act of 2011. While this is a good start we know that well over 3,000 businesses have benefitted from NMTC financing and the Coalition needs your help in getting these businesses to support the NMTC by signing the Coalition’s letter to Congress. The deadline for signing the letter has been extended to Friday, July 29 in hopes of getting additional businesses added. The letter is still missing businesses from the following states: Arkansas – Delaware – Indiana – Nevada - Rhode Island - South Dakota. Signing a business onto the letter is easy. Simply direct your business supporters to the link below where they can view the…
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NMTC Coalition Launches Effort to Gain Support of QALICBs

NMTC Extension Campaign
The NMTC Coalition is now circulating a letter of support for the NMTC program and for 5-year extension of the program with $5 billion in annual allocation authority through 2016 with AMT relief for investors, in keeping with this year’s NMTC extender bill S. 996. We ask that each of you please reach out to the businesses that have benefitted from NMTC financing and ask business owners and employees to sign this letter. It is important for Members of Congress to see just how many small businesses are able to grow and to remain local job generators in hard hit communities. Please talk to your business partners today and ask them to sign this letter to Congress.
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