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In-District Activities Critical to Your Success

In this advocacy toolkit, you will learn:

  • Why in-district advocacy is critical to your success
  • Easy ways you can take action, whether you have 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or more
  • How to share your efforts and build momentum with fellow Coalition members

Congressional recesses provide NMTC advocates and practitioners with the perfect opportunity to engage with legislators. The next recess will take place from April 10-21, 2017. While the NMTC currently has a five-year extension, passed in the PATH Act in December 2015, Congress and the Trump Administration have made tax reform a priority. Our goal is to ensure members of the House and Senate tax-writing committees understand the importance of the NMTC to rural and urban communities that have been left outside the economic mainstream.

Back in 2016, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan created six committee-led task forces earlier this year charged with "developing a bold, pro-growth agenda that will be presented to the country in the months ahead." House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady led the Tax Reform Task Force and released the plan on June 24. The NMTC, along with many other popular provisions, was not included in the plan, but the task force staff made it clear that this is just the starting point in their minds. The Senate has indicated it will likely have its own bill and the President will surely want to delve further into his own outline, which largely mirrored the Ryan blueprint. As these plans progress, the NMTC community must work together to ensure the NMTC is a part of whatever tax reform legislation that emerges.

For this reason, we are urging those with an interest in the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC)—community development entities (CDEs), investors, businesses, civic and community leaders—to reach out to their Members of Congress’ District offices. Take advantage of upcoming in-district periods and show your Senators and Representatives and their staffs how the NMTC is having a positive impact on their areas. There is no substitute for a tour of an NMTC-financed business, visiting a project under development, or taking part in a ribbon-cutting—events where legislators can meet and hear about the effect the NMTC from constituents, businesses and local officials, leaving a large and lasting impression of the effectiveness of the Credit. This is especially important if your Representatives and/or Senators are members of the House Ways and Means Committee or the Senate Finance Committee.

In this toolkit, you will find tips for powerful actions to cultivate a new relationship or nurture an existing relationship with your Senators and Representatives at home and—most importantly—demonstrate the need to permanently secure this effective financial tool.



Action Plan

Below are the top ways in which you can engage your members of Congress at home.

Need Materials?

Browser our Advocacy Toolkit for materials, research, and information on the NMTC.

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NMTC State Fact Sheets



Invite your Senators and Representatives to visit a project.

firstwave2-500-150x150Inviting your Senators and Representatives to visit a project is a great way to show them why the work you do is important to their district, and how that work is supported by the NMTC.

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Meet one-on-one and bring some friends

meetingIn district meetings during recess are a great way to keep the issue in the forefront of their minds and back up what they have heard from us in D.C.  It also allows you to bring business owners and other beneficiaries to validate your message on the importance of the NMTC.

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Host a Town Hall Meeting

townhallPartner with other local organizations  and inviting your Senators and Representatives to discuss the issues.   

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Write an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor

newspaper-150x150Submitting an opinion piece to your local or state press is a great way to bring attention to the impact of the NMTC in your community. Highlight the projects and the effect the Credit has had on economic growth as well as creating and retaining jobs where they are needed the most.

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Short on time?

Picture11-150x150The good news is that it can take as little or as much time as you have to devote to action. While those activities listed above are the best opportunities to have an impact on your legislators, we have also listed quick actions that can be taken in an hour or less.

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Need Help?

We hope these ideas will inspire you to take advantage of upcoming in-district periods.  Doing so will not only increase your power and influence on Capitol Hill, but also help ensure that our voice carries the strength that it needs to be heard on the issues that matter most.

We are ready to provide NMTC Coalition members with answers to questions on details, provide guidance on how to carryout activities and brainstorm ideas on activities. We can help draft and edit materials for meetings, op-eds, or letters to the editor.

We would also like to help promote and share any events Coalition members are planning during the month—regardless of how small or big the action—everything counts.

Contact Ayrianne Parks at or 202.393.5225 for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.

Need Talking Points?


We have talking points available for use as you interact with members of Congress.

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