NMTC Project Profile Submissions

The NMTC Coalition is releasing a new project profile book with projects from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. To submit a profile for the book, you must be a member of the NMTC Coalition. Please use the form below to submit a project, and Coalition staff will be in touch.

For examples of project profiles, please see our most recent profile book.

Basic information

Profile main body

If you have already written up a project profile, or have text available, please cut and paste the text into the form below. You will have about 4 paragraphs of space for the main body of the profile.

Suggested format:

First paragraph: Describe the business, project and the challenges it faced securing financing. You can also describe the challenges faced by the community.

Second and third paragraph: Describe how your organization came to know the project, the financing you provided, and the purpose of the financing. List amounts for all CDEs and investors.

Final paragraph: Describe the outcome of the project (examples: new jobs, economic impact, expanded business, expanded capacity to provide social services, etc).

Profile sidebar

The following questions ask for information for the project profile sidebar

Please describe the characteristics of the community where the project is located.

List the other CDEs providing NMTC allocation and the amount of allocation used by each, if applicable

Please provide the number of full-time equivalent jobs and construction jobs created by the project (or projected to be created). Give as much detail as you can.


Please upload two high resolution images of the project. Images should be one Megabyte or bigger.

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