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jobs generated in areas of high poverty and unemployment

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The NMTC is a low-cost tax incentive which delivers billions to low-income communities.

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We were afforded the opportunity to open a business several years ago. In this time, we have provided numerous job opportunities for low-income and distressed communities. Many businesses could not get funding without this type of a program. Thus preventing many job opportunities in these underserved communities. We NEED a permanent extension if we are going to strengthen and build communities!

-Tundra Whitt, Co-Owner, Meineke Car Care Center, Memphis, Tennessee

While our organization (FQHC) has not yet used this, the NMTC is a very important program that allows for tax credits to many organizations. They are an amazing resource if you are contemplating a capital project from renovation to a new build.

-Martha Halnon, CEO, Five-Town Health Alliance, Inc, Bristol, Vermont