JCT Report Highlights NMTC infrastructure Investment

Yesterday, the Joint Committee on Taxation released “OVERVIEW OF SELECTED PROVISIONS AND OPTIONS RELATING TO FUNDING AND FINANCING INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENTS.” The report highlights tax provisions employed for the financing of infrastructure. With the help of CDFI Fund data, the committee was able to identify 171 infrastructure projects financed by the NMTC totaling over $2 billion.

Below, we’ve highlighed a few examples.

Ports and Freight

Industrial waterfront property and long-neglected ports are often the most distressed and environmentally contaminated areas of an urban core. Municipal governments and Port Authorities have used the NMTC for brownfield remediation and to rejuvenate ports, freight terminals, and fishing docks.

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Many rural communities still lack access to high-speed broadband connections. Increasingly, the NMTC has been used to finance broadband expansions into underserved and remote rural areas.

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