NMTC Advocacy Week Day 5: Boys and Girls Clubs

Low-income communities often lack access to recreational amenities that are taken for granted in more affluent areas. The NMTC has been instrumental in supporting new and improved Boys and Girls Clubs across the country.


Bowling Green, KY | 2nd District

NMTC financing supported an 1,800 seat performing arts center and art gallery including educational programs….

Grass Valley, CA | 3rd District

NMTC financing supported an expansion of a small, boutique hotel in Grass Valley, CA. …

Denver, CO | 1st District

The Stout Street Health Center and Renaissance Lofts expanded access to these critical medical services with the construction of…

Providence, RI | 2nd District

Providence Public Library used NMTC financing a $25 million renovation of its library in Providence….

Pittsfield, MA | 1st District

The complete restoration of a historic theater (built in 1903) that had been closed for 50 years….

San Diego, CA | 52nd District

NMTC financing from Civic Communities helped Access Youth Academy construction a new, two-story 21,500 sq. ft. structure that will…

Las Vegas, NV | 4th District

NMTC helped a business make it through the pandemic without having to sell assets or lay off staff….

Springfield, MA | 1st District

NMTC financing for the first Educare school in Massachusetts, serving 141 Head Start-eligible young children and their families with…

Durant, OK | 2nd District

The Choctaw Wellness Center provides opportunities for wellness-related recreational and educational activities including but not limited to: group fitness…

Tempe, AZ | 4th District

Financing to renovate a 35,000 square foot space in order to relocate and expand a health clinic, which increases…

Dallas, TX | 30th District

Financing for the repurpose of the historic Red Bird Mall in southern Dallas while focusing on community impact driven…

Durham, NC | 4th District

The $13.8 million redevelopment of Durham’s Historic Holloway Street School…