New Projects Added

We just added about 80 new projects to the website. The batch includes:


Cleveland, OH | 11th District

Redevelopment of the vacant Swetland Building Rehab office building into apartments, office space, a full service grocery store and…


Denver, CO | 1st District

An $18 million NMTC transaction financed the ground-up construction of a four-story mixed-use development with a health center and…

Chicago, IL | 7th District

The Chicago Jesuit Academy was founded in 2005 to support students from historically disinvested communities and is located on…

Muncie, IN | 5th District

The first phase of development in the $50 million Kitselmen Pure Energy Park master planned development and will rehabilitate…

Helena, MT | 2nd District

The project is the remediation and rehabilitation of a 22,000 sq. ft. blighted and vacant downtown building into commercial…