Other Trends in the 2022 NMTC Allocation Awards

See yesterday’s analysis and check back tomorrow for an analysis of the community impact the 2022 NMTC allocation awards

CDFIs’ share of allocation

Since 2008*, the share of certified CDFIs (or CDFI-controlled CDEs) winning NMTC allocations increased significantly. The reason for this is obvious: the number of certified CDFIs has grown.

*The earliest data we could find on CDFIs as a share of NMTC Applicants comes from the 2008 supplemental Recovery Act awards booklet published in 2009.

Banks share of allocation

Banks remain an important part of the NMTC program. The share of NMTC allocation awarded to banks has generally remained steady since 2007, with banks representing just under 20 percent of awarded NMTC allocation. This includes CDFI Banks and non-CDFI banks. I tried to separate the two groups but realized that I could not determine when many CDFI Banks were first certified.

Repeat Winners

2022 Award Recipients (102 total):

  • Forty-six have won two awards in a row
  • Two CDEs won three awards in a row (California Statewide Communities Development Corporation and Florida Community Loan Fund, )
  • One CDE won four times in a row (Phoenix Community Development and Investment Corporation)
  • One CDE won five times in a row (Michigan Community Capital)
  • One CDE won seven times in a row (Harbor Bankshares Corporation)
  • One CDE won eight times in a row (the Corporation for Supportive Housing)