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Six Florida Representatives cosponsor H.R. 1321

Over the past week, SIX(!) Florida Representatives have signed on to the NMTC Extension Act of 2021. They include...

Rural Jobs Act Reintroduced

Today, the Rural Jobs Act was reintroduced in the House and Senate by Senators Roger Wicker, R-Miss., Mark Warner,...

NMTC Advocacy Week – Social Media Round-up

Thanks to everyone who participated in NMTC Advocacy Week on social media. Here’s a roundup of a few of...

Advocacy Week Day 1 – Social Media Highlights

We urge all supporters of the NMTC to jump on social media and promote NMTC projects large and small....

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The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) is a shallow, low-cost tax incentive which delivers billions of dollars annually to low-income communities with high unemployment and poverty. The credit finances everything from hospitals to manufacturing facilities to rural broadband expansions.​​

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