Michelle LeClair, Mascoma Community Development, Lebanon, NH

I work with a CDE that has deployed $253 million in NMTC allocation to support $717 million in development costs which created and retained over 3,500 jobs since 2016. My experience has been that this program works! The incentive to investors brings valuable funds to redevelop areas of disinvestment and begins turning blighted communities into […]

Adelaide Guarracino, Capone Iron Corporation North Woods, Inc., Berlin, NH

I can remember sitting in many meetings with local Coos County (NH) officials who were so happy to hear of our intent to open a steel fabrication plant in Berlin, NH thanks to the NMTC program. They were overjoyed to learn of Capone’s intent to employ workers of all levels (skilled welders, painters, detailers, estimators, […]

Cody Morrison, Monadnock Economic Development Corporation, Keene, NH

The NMTC is critical to our community’s social and economic wellbeing. Using NMTC, our community has been able to complete public projects including a renovated courthouse and library, and the construction of a new homeless shelter that will serve the most vulnerable. We have also used NMTC to create rural manufacturing jobs, through the renovation […]

Stephen CApone, Capone Iron Corporation, Berlin, NH

Utilizing the NMTC loan program we were able to build a state-of-the-art steel fabrication facility in the economically depressed city of Berlin NH. Tying this program to job creation afforded us the opportunity that would have not been possible with traditional bank financing.