Michael MacDonald, Hornell Managing Director

“With a state-of-the-art American industrial footprint, including the ability to build stainless steel car body shells in Hornell, Alstom will be well-positioned to meet our customers’ needs and continue to bring skilled jobs to the Hornell community. This would not be possible without [NMTC] support of organizations like Rural Development Partners.”

Alstom Transportation

RDP allocated $10M in NMTCs to help Alstom expand their specialized manufacturing equipment line to rural America, and continue investing in Hornell (NY) as a key long-term U.S.

First National Rehab

The First National Project will renovate the historic former headquarters of the 1915 First National Bank and an adjoining and Siegel’s Shoes buildings located in rural NY.

Hornell YMCA

A new YMCA replaced the facilities of the 100-year-old Hornell Family YMCA, which plays a central role in the life of Cornell