Central Ohio Youth for Christ

Financing for a non-profit organization that provides faith-based and faith-neutral programs and activities to achieve holistic improvements in the lives of youths and families in Central Ohio.

Columbus Housing Partnership

The project involves the phased construction or rehabilitation over 100 affordable single-family homes over a seven-year period in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Trolley District Project

Redevelopment of five historic buildings located on the near east side of Columbus, Ohio, into an approximately 61,445 square foot, mixed-use, multi-tenant development to be known as “Trolley District” that will include among other things, a healthy foods retail market.

Point of Pride

A 21,000 sq. ft. urban redevelopment project near the northeast corner of Cleveland and 11th Avenues in the Greater Linden area of Columbus.

The King Lincoln Gateway Building

The King Lincoln Gateway Building is located in the historic King Lincoln district of downtown Columbus, Ohio, directly across the street from the newly renovated historic King Lincoln Theatre.