Neurobehavioral Medicine Consultants

Neurobehavioral Medicine Consultants (NBMC) purchased a community hospital, and over the past two years, the hospital has unfortunately closed its doors and lost all of its tenants except for NBMC. This was a devastating event to the community at the medical service delivery level, as well as the area residents’ job market. NBMC sees opportunity […]

East Muskingum Civic Association

The purchase and renovation of the building located at 1100 Green Street, Marietta, OH. This building will be renovated speculatively with the anticipation of light manufacturing and industrial tenants. The 70k square foot building is adaptable to a number of situations and can be leased to a single tenant, or multiple. The borrower’s construction company […]

Grace Woods Senior Living

NMTC financing supported a 31 unit assisted living and skilled nursing facility in rural Eastern Ohio.