Champlain Housing Trust

CHT used its $8M allocation to build 20 condominiums in downtown Winooski, VT at the request of the city, driven by growing resident concern about gentrification. CHT will sell the homes under its Shared Equity Program, making the homes permanently affordable. The homebuyers and CHT share in the appreciation/equity at the time the buyer sells […]

Weidmann Technology

Electrical Insulation Manufacturer: A project involved the construction of a 24,338 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and the acquisition of new machinery for WETI, a global leader in electrical insulation for transformer manufacturers and transformer users.

Jake’s ONC LLC

The acquisition of equipment, tenant buildout of 6,000 retail space and working capital to bring a locally owned grocery store to Burlington’s Old North End, a distressed community.

Congressman Welch Attends Putnam Block Groundbreaking

The former Hotel Putnam, Old Courthouse, and Winslow Building will be converted into mixed-use commercial space that includes a health clinic, social service healthcare providers, a local bookshop, café, restaurant, potter, office space, and retail space tailored to support a local grocer. Additionally, 22 residential apartments will be constructed, with six of the units supporting […]

Groundworks Collaborative

Project to finance the development of Groundworks Collaborative’s new permanent campus in Brattleboro, VT.

Main Street Mill

The redevelopment of a historic mill building located on Main Street in the center of the Village of Richford, Vermont.