NMTC financing supported integrated a organization that provides health and service programs. Asian Health and Service Center offers health foods, healthcare and mental health offerings that are culturally appropriate. Rosa Parks Elementary, a public school project, consists of a newly constructed 55,792 sq. ft. building for use as an elementary school for grades kindergarten through five in the city of Portland, Oregon. The school building is part of the New Columbia HOPE VI project, a redevelopment of the former Columbia Villa, which was the […] The project supports the construction of a new 2-story, 36,000 sq. ft. medical and dental clinic that will replace an existing facility that is only 10,000 sq. ft. Financing for Green Zebra Grocery, a neighborhood grocery offering convenient access to fresh, healthy foods. Construction of a 38,740 sq. ft. Food Market Hall dedicated to local food and entrepreneurial food vendors. A new 53,000 sq. ft. facility, which sits on 3.4 acres of therapeutically planned green space. Innovative business condominium building provides wealth-building opportunities in underserved area. A long vacant corner lot is transformed into a mixed-use building with office, restaurant and retail. A non-profit utilizes a rooftop solar PV system to help power its new facility. Halsey 106 is a mixed use project consists of approximately 84,000 sq. ft. of affordable housing, retail, office space and social services within the Gateway Urban affordable housing, retail, office space and social services within the Gateway Urban Renewal area in Portland, Oregon. The project will create 23 units of affordable housing Renewal area in […] Green Zebra, a startup grocer aspiring to offer low-income areas a mini-grocery store that focuses on fresh, high-quality food, was in need of long-term, patient equity to open and operate its first location in Portland, Oregon. A school for children impacted by homelessness relocates into a new and permanent facility. Working capital to expand a food manufacturer's facility and increase production capacity. A Head Start program serving over 1,000 children receives NMTC financing to improve their overall financial sustainability including working capital. Financing to open a new freeze-dried food processing facility in Hood River.