Advocacy Toolkit

The New Markets Tax Credit expires in 2019. Here’s how you can help preserve this important program for distressed communities. 

NMTC Extension Bills

Ask your member of Congress to support a permanent extension of the NMTC by cosponsoring the New Markets Tax Credit Extension Act of 2019.

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Write an Op-Ed

Submitting an opinion piece to your local or state press is a great way to bring attention to the impact of the NMTC in your community. Highlight the projects and the effect the Credit has had on economic growth as well as creating and retaining jobs where they are needed the most.

Congressional Tour

Getting a Member of Congress to visit a NMTC-financed business is simply one of the most powerful ways to advocate for the extension. Consider extending an invitation when you visit Congressional staff in DC or contract their district office with potential dates and possible NMTC financed businesses that would be of interest.

Materials, Research, and Reports

Tools for Following Legislation