John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain is a Managing Director at Capital One and leads its NMTC efforts nationwide. He has over 33 years of experience in banking and finance and has been involved in the NMTC program since 2004. Capital One is active nationally in the NMTC program as investor, leveraged lender and CDE and has invested over $3.4 billion in NMTC structured investments through its CDE, Capital One Community Renewal Fund, and other CDEs throughout the country. Prior to joining Capital One, Mr. Chamberlain was a director at Stonehenge Capital Company. Other experience includes venture capital investing with Enhanced Capital Partners and mergers and acquisitions with Stewart Enterprises, as well as various commercial banking positions in local and regional banks. Mr. Chamberlain received his BS from Louisiana Tech University and his MBA from Tulane University. He is a board member of the NMTC Coalition and of LiftFund, a nonprofit CDFI headquartered in San Antonio with offices in twelve states managing the nation’s largest microloan portfolio.