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Water Valley Mayor Donald Gray agreed the economic, social, and physical components of this project is going to be a great change” for the city. The physical part is going to make our city much better. The economic, I can’t even start to imagine. …Hopefully a lot of these students will come back and build houses and become taxpayers,” Gray said. People can make a good living and these kids make a really good living starting out. They feel better about themselves … about their families. https://mississippitoday.org/2020/02/03/5-million-tech-center-expands-effort-to-close-skills-gap-as-tech-firms-step-up-investment-in-mississippi/

-Donald Gray, Mayor, Water Valley, Mississippi

Economic Impact Reports Project Profiles

Fort Collins, CO (2007)

Rocky Mountain Innosphere is a high-tech business incubator for biotech start-ups and entrepreneurs….

Tulare, CA (2007)

Golden State Family Services (GSFS) initially opened as a 501(c)(3) Foster Family Agency in Redding, CA, in 1996. The agency expanded opening its first…

Los Angeles, CA (2008)

AADAP is a nonprofit 501[c] [3] corporation established in 1972….

Omaha, NE (2018)

The construction of an early childhood learning center….

Saint Paul, MN (2017)

A reproduction of a 19th-century purple dress with white lace collar is positioned on a stand, as if waiting for its owner to slide…

Hialeah, FL (2014)

Financing for iMater Elementary School, a public charter school….

Victorville, CA (2006)

Development of a retail and office center that includes offices for healthcare practitioners….

Jackson, MS (2018)

After successfully growing and stabilizing three middle schools and one high school in Nashville, RePublic Schools launched Reimagine Prep in the fall of 2015…

Old Town, FL (2013)

In rural Dixie County, Florida, there was only one grocery store, and its 30-year old building had become run down….

Abilene, TX (2011)

Financing for a company that repairs and refurbishes wind turbine gearboxes….