CDE: Bluehub

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Project Profiles


Somerville, MA | 9th District

Renewable Energy Provider to LICs: BlueHub Capital, then known as Boston Community capital, stepped in, installing solar panels at…

Hornell, NY | 23rd District

RDP allocated $10M in NMTCs to help Alstom expand their specialized manufacturing equipment line to rural America, and continue…

Humboldt, TN | 8th District

Financing to purchase and transform a plant in Humboldt into a natural processed cheese operation to support the growing…

Lynn, MA | 6th District

The Lynn Y project comprises the land acquisition and new construction of 64,000 sq. ft. state of the art…

Hartford, CT | 1st District

Substantial rehabilitation of a historic gold leafing factory located in a Promise Zone into a commercial space and hub…

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