CDE: Business Valued Advisor Fund

To all NMTC Coalition Members: If you would like to add projects, a description of your CDE, or anything else to this page, contact Paul Anderson.

Project Profiles


Cabool, MO (2019)

The NMTC provided financing for L&R Industries, a major area employer and stalwart of industry in Cabool, MO and the surrounding region. L&R is…

Norwood, MO (2019)

The NMTC financed the acquisition and development of a new warehouse for Norwood Real Estate, an operating company for manufacturing detainment houses and complexes…

Springfield, MO (2019)

The financing the purchase and rehabilitation of a former firehouse….

Springfield, MO (2019)

The purchase and repurposing of a former car wash into a truck maintenance and servicing center….

Pittsburg, KS (2019)

A unique, living learning community developed in partnership with Pittsburg State University and the City of Pittsburg….

Mount Sterling, IL (2012)

DOT Foods added 50,000 sq. ft. of freezer warehouse space to an existing distribution center….

Chicago, IL (2014)

In August 2015, CDF provided $9 million in Federal New Markets Tax Credit financing and $5 million in State New Markets Tax Credit financing…

Chicago, IL (2011)

The new construction of a two-story 26,378 sq. ft. fitness, wellness and recreation center for Easterseals Academy, a school for children with autism spectrum…

Chicago, IL (2014)

In September 2014, CDF provided $13 million in New Markets Tax Credit financing to Method, the world’s largest producer of environmentally-friendly cleaning products. CDF…