CDE: CEI Capital Management

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Project Profiles


Syracuse, NY

A new Salina, New York based firm (near Syracuse, NY) that used NMTC financing to purchase the world’s largest…

Richland Center, WI

Financing for dairy production upgrades helped retain and create jobs, drive investment to future projects to increase profitability, and…

Richford, VT

The redevelopment of a historic mill building located on Main Street in the center of the Village of Richford,…

O’Oakala, HI

The construction of a new, state-of-the-art veneer mill and the conversion to biomass fuel of two oil-fired electric generation…

Gaffney, SC

Associated Hardwoods is a family-owned lumber company specializing in wholesale lumber, specialized lumber, trucking, planed and ripped-to-width, plywood processing,…