Smith County Memorial Hospital

The new Smith County Memorial Hospital and Family Practice opened Aug. 5 in Smith Center, Kan. The 60,000-square-foot building took 16 months to construct and the new facility will include in-patient hospital rooms, an attached primary care clinic, space for visiting specialists to see patients, an emergency room, labor and delivery facilities and space for outpatient procedures, therapy and rehabilitation services. The current hospital and clinic cover approximately 35,000 square feet. Funding included $2.5 million in NMTC equity and a USDA Rural Development loan. SMCH QALICB, Inc. – Construction of a new critical access hospital. The new facility will offer a 6,115 SF surgery center and outpatient clinic, among many other benefits. – n/a CBA: Yes. 1 – Provide 10 scholarships for nursing and/or radiology with graduation and fulltime employment. 2 – Facilitate or provide economic stabilization for project area in catalytic ways through additional development.

Baptist Leake Hospital

Baptist Health Systems acquired the Leake Memorial Hospital on October 1, 2011 in a transaction with the Leake County Board of Supervisors. Baptist Leake was constructed as a new hospital facility in this medically underserved area with a $29.7 million investment that features the use of both federal and state NMTCs and tax-exempt bond financing. This is a major investment in the healthcare of a severely distressed rural area in Carthage, Mississippi. Located in a Persistent Poverty County in the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) service area, the investment resulted in an expanded overnight facility, 5 new physicians, 15 new support staff and retention of 111 other high-skilled medical technicians (out of 236 total jobs) in this town of 4,600 residents. Upon a full renovation of the 1940s building, the new facility boasts a 25-bed hospital that offers acute care and swing bed services. The facility also offers MRI, vascular ultrasound, echocardiography, wound care and podiatry services. The Level IV emergency room is staffed by qualified physicians and ancillary staff. Located 68 miles from a Level 1 trauma center and most of the state’s healthcare infrastructure in Jackson, this service expansion in rural Carthage, MS has made an immediate impact in healthcare for thousands of Mississippians. Leake County has been designated by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as a primary medical care/health professional shortage area.

Rooks County Health Center Expansion

Since the Rooks County Health Center opened it’s new hospital in 2008, the volume of inpatient and outpatient services has increased by 295%. The first phase of the proposed expansion involved the addition of a permanent MRI and Nuclear Medicine facility.The second phase will allow RCH to meet the rapidly growing needs of the clinic and rehabilitation areas by integrating the various therapy areas (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Cardiac Rehab and Speech Therapy) into a new arrangement and consolidating outpatient services into one location to alleviate HIPPA privacy issues and lessen patient risks to contagious disease or infections.

Peace River Center

The project involves the construction of a new 14,000 square foot comprehensive behavioral health emergency room with walk-in assessment, outpatient crisis, 20 bed stabilization unit and a 24 hour observation area. In addition, the project includes the renovation of an existing 14,600 square foot facility constructed in 1955 to provide treatment, education and case management services to clients with severe and persistent mental health issues. The project services both children and adults with mental health crisis issues that result in involuntary placement into care or “Baker Acted” care. There is documented need for expansion of beds with the Bartow crisis stabilization unit (CSU) operating at emergency status 65% of the time and 45% of the time over licensed capacity. Emergency status is defined as operating at too high a capacity to accept transfers from any other facilities such as law enforcement or local hospital Baker Acted clients. Currently Baker Acted clients are taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room (ER) – one of the busiest ER’s in the state of FL based on the sponsor’s submission.

Winston Medical Center

The Winston County Medical Foundation has successfully completed the new Winston Medical Center which is a 24 bed full-service hospital, 120 bed long-term senior care and rehab facility and medical office building. The hospital has an estimated 20,000 patient visits per year, as a Rural Health Clinic it will serve approximately 7,500-8,000 patients per year and the nursing home will serve 120 residents, equating to 43,800 resident days per year. As a result of being located in a low-income area, Winston Medical provides a larger amount of charitable care than the national average.

Denver Health Southwest Family Health Center and Urgent Care

The NMTC project involves the building of Denver Health and Hospital Authority – Southwest Clinic (“DHHA-SC” or “Clinic”), a new neighborhood Federally Qualified Health Center (“FQHC”) in a medically underserved area located at 1339 S. Federal Blvd, Denver, Colorado. This neighborhood, which is called Westwood, was negatively impacted when St. Anthony Central Hospital moved out of the city of Denver in 2011. This will be DHHA’s ninth community health center in its network. The 40,000-squarefoot facility has an estimated project cost of $26.7 million, including $3.9 million in furniture, fixtures and equipment. The project is in alignment with the JUMPStart 2013, which is the Strategic Plan for the City of Denver. A guiding principal in the plan is providing a safety net for low-income and vulnerable citizens in the City of Denver. As an FQHC the project is focused on serving low-income, underinsured, and uninsured persons living in and around the Westwood neighborhood. The Clinic will provide a complete range of medical, dental and wellness services as well as pharmacy programs to people of all ages and backgrounds. This facility will allow DHHA to meet increasing demand and will significantly increase its capacity to meet the tremendous unmet need for medical services in the Denver metropolitan area.

Susquehanna Health Innovation Center

Thanks to NMTC financing, UPMC Susquehanna recently opened a new Neuroscience Center in Williamsport, expanding services and bringing advanced procedures to the region.
The Neuroscience Center brings together neurologists Donald Dworek, DO, and Stuart Olinsky, MD; and neurosurgeons Rodwan Rajjoub, MDHani Tuffaha, MD, and James Fick, MD; and their staff to one convenient and easily accessible location on the third floor of the Health Innovation Center located at 740 High St., Williamsport.