CDE: Citibank


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Project Profiles


Houston, TX 

A catalyst for supporting and scaling small batch manufacturing in Houston’s East End….
Construction of a 44,310 sq. ft. Health Center in a underserved county….

Los Angeles, CA 

Financing to help Queenscare Health Centers, a nonprofit FQHC, build a new community health center in East Los Angeles….
NMTC financing supported a new facility for rPlanet Earth, a new company that is bringing more efficient polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling to the United…

San Ysidro, CA 

Casa Familiar, a nonprofit community-based organization founded in 1973, is the leading service and community development organization in the border community of San Ysidro…
The San Pablo Helms Community Center is located on the campus of the Walter T. Helms Middle School in San Pablo, California. Prior to…