CDE: Citibank

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Project Profiles


Vernon, CA (2016)

NMTC financing supported a new facility for rPlanet Earth, a new company that is bringing more efficient polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling to the United…

San Ysidro, CA (2018)

Casa Familiar, a nonprofit community-based organization founded in 1973, is the leading service and community development organization in the border community of San Ysidro…

San Diego, CA (2011)

NMCC contributed $15.89 million of NMTC’s for two QLICI’s totaling $15.7 million to construct a new, 68,000 sq. ft. replacement facility for Sharp HealthCare…

Miami, FL (2015)

A full-service center offering a comprehensive system of care for the over 4,000 homeless individuals in Miami-Dade County….

Mattapan, MA (2011)

A critically needed, new community health facility and retail hub for Boston….

Los Angeles, CA (2019)

A 52,000 sq. ft. medical office building anchored by the MLKCH Community Medical Group….

Dededo, GU (2016)

CBO Financial funded $5.0M in New Markets Tax Credit financing for the Summer Town Estates Commercial Center….

Buffalo, NY (2017)

Redevelopment of a historic vacant industrial complex located in a distressed area on Buffalo’s East Side….

Brooklyn, NY (2008)

An old factory becomes affordable workspace, allowing businesses and jobs to remain in Brooklyn….

Bronx, NY (2019)

The La Central development (“La Central”) was designed to serve as a catalyst for economic development and will supply 992 units of much needed…

Bronx, NY (2015)

Financing for a fresh food focused supplier supporting efforts to expand healthy foods access….

Bronx, NY (2007)

The Boricua College project is the new construction of a 120,000 square foot academic and administrative building for Boricua College in the Bronx. The…

Boston, MA (2010)

The new construction of a six-story, 78,900 sq. ft. community health facility for the Whittier Street Health Center Committee, Inc….