CDE: City First

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Project Profiles


Baltimore, MD (2020)

In January 2019, CSP closed on $26MM redevelopment of the 86,000 square foot blighted complex (that includes 6 buildings) in East Baltimore’s Middle East…

Winston-Salem, NC (2016)

Historic renovation of mixed-used facility including biotech innovation space, offices, entertainment, and restaurant space….

Wilkes-Barre, PA (2011)

The Coal Street project transformed a dilapidated 30-acre park into a regional sports and medical complex….

Washington, DC (2016)

Mixed use facility including a children’s hospital, school and early childhood agency services to low-income people….

Washington, DC (2013)

The Bowen YMCA began a redevelopment project to turn it’s dilapidated building into a modern, mixed-use facility featuring 170 residential units, retail space and…

Washington, DC (2011)

Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care addresses healthcare as a holistic process, involving not just medical needs, but also the needs of patient…

Washington, DC (2018)

The acquisition, redevelopment and expansion of the vacant former Anna Johenning Baptist Church building will transition into the 300 student campus for Early Children…

Washington, DC (2019)

Financing for the construction of the 45,000 sq. ft. facility for E.L. Haynes…

Washington, DC (2014)

By transforming a deserted block of former warehouses in Ward 5 into an award-winning elementary and middle school, and a former DCPS facility into…

Washington, DC (2014)

So Others Might Eat (SOME) is an interfaith, community-based organization that has been instrumental in helping the poor and homeless in our nation’s capital….

Washington, DC (2013)

Central Union Mission’s programs include a residential rehabilitation program; an overnight shelter for homeless men; food, clothing and furniture distribution; and programs specifically for…

Washington, DC (2010)

Financing for a food Distribution Center for a nonprofit hunger relief organization….

Washington, DC (2016)

This early childhood center provides educate nearly 100 infants, toddlers and preschoolers whose families are living in crisis shelters or in transitional housing….

Washington, DC (2018)

DC Housing Enterprises (DCHE) and co-allocatee City First provided $26 million in NMTC financing for the new BFC Southeast Center. The facility meets several…

Washington, DC (2009)

Since 1976, Bread for the City has served homeless, indigent and impoverished families in Washington. Bread for the City serves more than 2,500 clients…

Philadelphia, PA (2014)

The Center for Health and Literacy is a cooperative project between the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the City of Philadelphia….

Norfolk, VA (2006)

The Norfolk Ship Repair and Drydock Company, located in the South Brambleton Redevelopment Area of Norfolk, VA….

Harrisburg, PA (2011)

The acquisition and adaptive re-use of a 67,000 sq. ft. unimproved warehouse….

Baltimore, MD (2016)

The Lion Brothers Building is an available 37000 square foot commercial building in Southwest Baltimore – Lion Brothers anchors the Hollins Market neighborhood, an…

Baltimore, MD (2020)

The 85,000 sf former lithograph printing complex will be restored and transformed into the Center for Neighborhood Innovation, convening workforce development programs, educational training,…