CDE: Cleveland Development Advisors

To all NMTC Coalition Members: If you would like to add projects, a description of your CDE, or anything else to this page, contact Paul Anderson.

Project Profiles


Glenville, OH | 11th District

The first of Mayor Frank Jackson’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative projects, Glenville Circle North combines small business incubator spaces in…

Garfield Heights, OH | 11th District

NMTC financing helped create a 11,000 sq. ft. Academy Center for a nonprofit fighting for academic opportunities in underserved…

Cleveland, OH | 12th District

In Cleveland’s MidTown neighborhood, the emerging HealthTech corridor provides a holistic campus-style social service hub for area residents conveniently…

Cleveland, OH | 11th District

A new school at E. 62nd Street and St., a modern three-story building on a site that once was…

Cleveland, OH | 11th District

The 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility includes 80 staff offices and a Central Kitchen to provide meals to local…

Cleveland, OH | 11th District

The construction ofthe Rajan Academy Center allowing more than 200 Scholars to participate in an empowering home-like education atmosphere….

Cleveland, OH | 11th District

The $6.2 million revitalization of the Longwood Plaza shopping center in Cleveland, Ohio, of which $1.57 million was made…

Cleveland, OH | 11th District

A museum acquired and renovated the Stager Beckwith mansion, one of the last remaining mansions of Cleveland’s historic Millionaire’s…

Buffalo, NY | 26th District

Bordering Larkin Square in the heart of Buffalo’s reimagined Hydraulics district, The Kamman has undergone a complete restoration, transformed…

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