CDE: Key Community Development New Markets

To all NMTC Coalition Members: If you would like to add projects, a description of your CDE, or anything else to this page, contact Paul Anderson.

Project Profiles


Yonkers, NY (2004)

New baker facility and distribution center in NY….

Gunnison, UT (2016)

Advantage Dental is one of Oregon’s largest dental health care providers for low-income persons within the state serving over 200,000 patients, the majority of…

Cleveland, OH (2008)

One of the exceptional aspects of the New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) is how it brings together public and private entities to funnel capital…

Buffalo, NY (2010)

Once a meat market, a post office and a doctor’s office, today The Kamman Building at 755 Seneca Street is home to architects, designers,…

Buffalo, NY (2009)

The Innovation Center and dig are owned and operated by the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc….

Ann Arbor, MI (2006)

Responding to downtown Ann Arbor’s impending growth while putting Ann Arbor’s history, livability and community first, mission design and development creates a new paradigm…