CDE: Legacy Economic Growth Fund

To all NMTC Coalition Members: If you would like to add projects, a description of your CDE, or anything else to this page, contact Paul Anderson.

Project Profiles


Madison, WI | 2nd District

Rehabilitation of the former Oscar Mayer headquarters and food processing plant into a multi-tenant light industrial and business facility….

Moline, IL | 17th District

Headquarters for Kone Company and other – mixed-use, including retail, office and additional public amenities: This project is part…

Portsmouth, | 3rd District

With construction starting in 2006 and completed in 2007, the Old Dominion Tri-Cities Center moved to its current location…

Muncie, IN | 5th District

The first phase of development in the $50 million Kitselmen Pure Energy Park master planned development and will rehabilitate…

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