CDE: MBS Urban Initiatives

To all NMTC Coalition Members: If you would like to add projects, a description of your CDE, or anything else to this page, contact Paul Anderson.

Project Profiles


Grand Parairie, TX (2019)

This transaction will finance the purchase and installation of equipment used to create six production lines at GRUMA Corporation’s Grand Prairie, TX manufacturing facility….

New York, NY (2010)

National Dance Institute Center for Learning and the Arts* – PS90 at 220 West 148th St. in Central Harlem: MBS Urban Initiatives CDE partnered…

New York, NY (2012)

Located in the same building since its founding in 1889, The Educational Alliance, a nonprofit serving families and children in the Lower East Side…

Los Angeles, CA (2010)

To begin to address this need in Los Angeles, McCormack Baron Salazar formed a complex public-private-community partnership to connect affordable housing to jobs and…

Chicago, IL (2020)

This innovative project will redevelop a vacant 9-acre brownfield site into a sustainability campus which includes a biodigester, greenhouse space, community garden with a…

San Antonio, TX (2020)

Profile via Crescent Growth Capital Founded in 1980, the San Antonio Food Bank (“SAFB”) is a non-profit organization that serves as a clearinghouse, receiving and storing…

Houston, TX (2019)

A catalyst for supporting and scaling small batch manufacturing in Houston’s East End….

Vernon, CA (2016)

NMTC financing supported a new facility for rPlanet Earth, a new company that is bringing more efficient polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling to the United…

San Antonio, TX (2017)

The construction of new facility for ChildSafe, a children’s advocacy center that provides care for child survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and…

Saint Louis, MO (2009)

This project financed energy-efficient, water-efficient, and healthy homes….

Saint Louis, MO (2008)

he St. Louis Housing Authority Central Office Building, located in the Midtown area of St. Louis at the north end of the Grand Center…

Saint Louis, MO (2012)

Financing for a grocery store and a food distribution, processing and aggregation facility….

Saint Louis, MO (2017)

The renovation of a 110,000 sq. ft. building, which includes K-12 school facilities….

Saint Louis, MO (2012)

The Jeff Vander Lou (JVL) neighborhood of St. Louis, located less than 2 miles from downtown, was once a healthy and vibrant community. However,…

Saint Louis, MO (2007)

The Crown Square redevelopment involved the historic rehabilitation of 11 buildings of the 14th Street Mall, an abandoned mall that formerly served as a…

Saint Louis, MO (2012)

Financing for a community development not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the prosperity and growth of the American family….

Saint Louis, MO (2017)

4220 Duncan, a 180,000 sq. ft. mixed-use development in St. Louis….

Memphis, TN (2017)

Development of a 188,740 SF facility for sale, service, training and parts distribution for diesel trucks. – Consolidation of Memphis-area TAG Truck Centers into…

Memphis, TN (2008)

A new mixed-use building at the southeastern boundary of the Legends Park HOPE VI Revitalization Plan area in Memphis, TN….

Kansas City, KS (2016)

The new construction of an extended-stay Home2Suits by Hilton hotel and remodel of an Applebee’s restaurant on the south side of Kansas City, KS….