CDE: Mofi

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Project Profiles


Meridian, ID | 1st District

The Advanced Sign Project involves land acquisition and the construction of a new 62,500 sq. ft., single-story, light manufacturing…

Boise, ID | 2nd District

The rehabilitation and redevelopment of the 26,250 sq. ft. A. Tiner Building in downtown Boise, ID….

Twin Falls, ID | 2nd District

OneSixty Main involves the demolition of a vacant, downtown building located on a prominent corner in downtown Twin Falls,…

Helena, MT | 2nd District

The project is the remediation and rehabilitation of a 22,000 sq. ft. blighted and vacant downtown building into commercial…

Missoula, MT | 1st District

A 100+ year old community nonprofit increased its capacity to serve homeless families and victims of domestic violence by…