CDE: MuniStrategies

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Project Profiles


Asbury Park, NJ | 6th District

Built in 1937, 550 Cookman Avenue is a shining example of Asbury Park’s art deco history. NMTC financing supported…

Laurel, MS | 4th District

Poultry producer and processor Wayne Farms is investing $16.9M in the expansion of its Laurel Fresh Production Facility in…

Kearny, NJ | 9th District

Rehabilitation of the former “craneway” building adjacent to the Sponsor’s existing Building 78, which will result in 90,000 sq….

Portland, OR | 3rd District

Integrated health and service programs. Asian Health and Service Center offers health foods, healthcare and mental health offerings that…

Chattanooga, TN | 3rd District

In December 2021, AMCREF Community Capital provided $9 million of NMTC financing to Southern Champion Tray, a 94-year-old sustainable…

Sylvania, GA | 12th District

Norman W. Fries, Inc. (dba Claxton Poultry Farms), a large family-owned, egg-to-market poultry processor, built an all new, state-of-the-art…

Austin, TX | 35th District

financing helped support the creation of a student-run farm, garden, orchard, farmer’s market, and teacher training center. The project…

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