The project involves the development and construction of a Autoclaved Aerated Concrete manufacturing facility in Bennettsville, SC. AAC East, LLC is a start-up manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). AAC is LEED certified and offers numerous superior environmental and green building benefits, in particular when compared to traditional concrete. The facility is located in a […]

Wayne Farms and Laurel Fresh Production Facility

Chicken processing facility upgrade including an automated breast de-boner and an expansion of retail bagging capabilities at a 99,000 SF Central Mississippi plant. Project will support the growing demand for the company’s Ladybird line of poultry products, a line of humanely raised all-female birds. • Wayne Farms LLC is the 7th largest poultry producer in […]

Oakhurst Medical Center

Oakhurst Medical Centers, Inc. is a FQHC designated provider of affordable, accessible, high-quality primary care services to residents of the low-income community, with a special focus on those that are medically indigent or uninsured/underinsured.

Mirac, Inc

AA $7.55 million investment in Mirac, Inc., a rural Ohio-based electronics assembly and fabrication company with locations in Lynchburg and West Union, that will help keep jobs in rural Ohio.


Installation of new equipment, tooling, production lines and manufacturing process and expansion of internal reconfiguration to converting facility from outdated technology to utilizing more efficient technology. Nemak USA, Inc. is an existing manufacturer of complex aluminum components primarily for the automotive industry, utilizing recycled aluminum.

Tippah County Hospital

A new hospital boosts the health of a medically underserved rural Mississippi community

Mar-Jac Poultry AL

Mar-Jac is a fully integrated poultry production company operating in GA, AL, and MS.

Beadles & Balfour

Since 1990 (and the compounded effects of the global financial crisis), the Southern United States’ wood supply chain has lost 30% of its sawmills and nearly 20% of its pulp mills. With mill capacity shrinking, rural communities that depend on mill demand for labor and other production inputs have suffered dramatically. In the wake of […]

Maas Aviation

This project funded construction of a new $13M twin bay airplane paint shop, as part of MAAS’ $22.36M overall investment in the Airbus facility located at Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile, AL. After announcing their first US-based aircraft production line would be located in Mobile, Airbus selected MAAS to design/build and operate a single-aisle paint shop […]

Winston Plywood

In 2009, Georgia Pacific operated a large plywood lumber mill in Louisville Mississippi.  At the time, it was the largest employer in Louisville, located in east central Mississippi.  Louisville was, according to the mayor, a “plywood town”.  When the mill was shuttered in response to the Great Recession, all of the 400 remaining jobs were […]

Republic Charter Schools

After successfully growing and stabilizing three middle schools and one high school in Nashville, RePublic Schools launched Reimagine Prep in the fall of 2015 in Jackson, MS. Before this project was financed, Reimagine Prep served more than 700 5th, 6th and 7th grade scholars. The school will grow to serve over 1,200 by 2022. RePublic […]

Habitat for Humanity MCA

Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area invested $5.7M in Midtown and west Jackson areas by creating or renovating 50 homes.

Chawla Hospitality Academy

The Chawla family, owners of one of the most successful hospitality companies in Mississippi, has joined forces with Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) to create a new job-training institute that is now designed to attract hospitality trainees from across the region. A new, 63-room ($6.5M) Hampton Inn in the rural Mississippi Delta has partnered with Coahoma […]

The Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

The purchase and improvement of real estate that is leased to a hospital as a medical office building, bringing accessible health care to a rural community. Financing was provided by Mascoma’s NMTC loan pool fund.


Since 1984, Resinall Corp operated a manufacturing facility that produced thermoplastic resins for use in publication ink. The plant is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a community with high unemployment and poverty rates. In the five years preceding 2011, changes in the market and technology resulted in declining business for Resinall. In an effort to help […]


NMTC and NuFarm bring quality manufacturing jobs to Greenville, Mississippi

Vulcan Aluminum Mill Vulcan, Inc.

Vulcan Aluminum Mill Vulcan, Inc. is an employee-owned company located on the Alabama Gulf Coast in Foley. The firm operates one of the only completely vertically integrated aluminum processing plants in the country, in which raw aluminum bars are heated into a molten form, then rolled into coils. The project included the addition of a […]

Arisa Aviation

Alabama Aircraft Support, since renamed Arista Aviation, constructed a new 60,000 square foot hanger outfitted with the latest equipment and technology necessary to provide Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services for civilian and military helicopters. The project has facilitated the creation of 57 jobs and is uniquely located near Ft. Rucker, Eglin Air Force Base and […]

Baptist Leake Hospital

Baptist Health Systems acquired the Leake Memorial Hospital on October 1, 2011 in a transaction with the Leake County Board of Supervisors. Baptist Leake was constructed as a new hospital facility in this medically underserved area with a $29.7 million investment that features the use of both federal and state NMTCs and tax-exempt bond financing. This is a […]