The Regional Medical Center of Memphis (The MED) underwent an 82,000 square foot renovation of existing space thanks to NMTC financing from NDC, River Gorge Capital, Community Hospitality Healthcare Services, and Truist. The renovation of The MED’s Turner Tower created a new Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery Unit shifting current volume from the main operating room, to […]

Heartland AG Systems

River Gorge Capital used NMTC financing to provide working capital and to purchase inventory to facilitate growth of Heartland Ag’s operations at a new wholesale facility. Heartland Ag services and sells agricultural equipment.


River Gorge Capital provided $7.5 million in NMTC financing to Natureplex to support the purchase and equipping of a new facility

Jackson Schools/Healthy Community Education Partners

CAHEC, River Gorge Capital, and Truist used the NMTC to orchestrate a public-private partnership between the City of Jackson, Madison County, Madison County Public Schools, Jackson Community Redevelopment Agency, and Healthy Community, LLC to improve education in Jackson, TN.

Highland Pellets

Construction of a biomass pellet facility. 30% of workforce to be filled by prisoner return to work employees through second chance program.

TMS International

Finance working capital needs related to equipping development and operations facility for handling and processing slag and scrap metal and performing other services to suppor the operations of steel facility. – Construction of a slag processing facility

Plush Mill

the renovation of the historic Plush Mill in Greenville, S. C. The revitalized 24,500 square-foot building is home to Serendipity Labs, a co-working and shared office space.

DOT Foods

NMTCs helped Dot Foods revitalize a rural community that lost more than 3,000 manufacturing jobs between 2010-2013.

The Tomorrow Building

The Tomorrow Building is a four-story, 40,000 sq. ft. building in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee that was originally built as a hotel in 1888.

Mannington Mills 2 – Rigid Core

The NMTC financed equipment purchase for a flooring manufacturer to bring a line of business onshore that is currently 100% imported from China.