CDE: Texas Mezzanine Fund


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Project Profiles


San Antonio, TX 

The Briscoe Western Art Museum, named in honor of the late Texas Governor, Dolph Briscoe,Jr. and his wife, Janey Slaughter Briscoe, preserves and interprets…

San Antonio, TX 

The San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB), the 14th largest food bank in the country, serves 16 counties in Southwest Texas. The mission of SAFB…

Plano, TX 

Paul Quinn College (Paul Quinn), the creator of the Urban Work College Model and one of the nation’s most innovative colleges, broke ground on…

Planno, TX 

Originally posted at Crescent Growth CapitalEstablished in 1982 by Jo Curtis, Ambassador Kathryn Hall, Lorraine Griffin Kircher and Liz Minyard, the North Texas Food…
The NMTC financed the construction of a brand new YMCA….

Nauvoo, AL 

An expansion of Camp McDowell, a private retreat and camp that primarily serves people with disabilities and low-income persons….