About the New Markets Tax Credit Coalition

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Coalition is a national membership organization founded in 1998 to advocate on behalf of the NMTC program. The Coalition, which includes some 150 members, is managed by Rapoza Associates, a public interest lobbying, policy analysis and government relations firm located in Washington, DC that specializes in providing comprehensive legislative and support services to community development organizations, associations and public agencies.

The Coalition serves its members in the following capacities:

  • Worked with the Clinton Administration to design the Credit and lobbied Congress for its enactment;
  • Collaborated with the Bush Administration to launch the program including the original rules, regulations and application;
  • Build bipartisan Congressional support for the Credit as an efficient market-based incentive for community revitalization;
  • Lobbied successfully for four extensions of NMTC totaling $85 billion in additional credit authority;
  • Conducted annual surveys of Community Development Entities and published 16 annual NMTC Progress Reports, state profiles of NMTC projects, and reports on the overall effectiveness of the credit (10th Anniversary Report);
  • Convened two annual Washington conferences where Coalition members have a chance to brief policymakers on the NMTC.
  • Responded to Treasury and IRS’s requests for comments and technical feedback on the Credit; and
  • Served as the eyes and ears of the NMTC industry in Washington, alerting members to the latest developments with regular emails via NMTC Bulletins.

The Coalition also manages the Investor Advisory Committee (IAC), co-chaired by Mike Novogradac and Ira Weinstein, as a venue for investors to discuss NMTC issues and encourage ongoing policy discussions between CDEs and investors.