First Place – Phoenix

Set in the heart of a disinvested area of Phoenix, First Place-Phoenix is a first of its kind mixed-use residential property designed to provide residential options and opportunities for independent living to adults with autism and related disorders. The Project involves the development of an 81,000-square-foot mixed-use development to house independent living residential units and an education and training institute.

Bentley Project

Located in Phoenix just south of the Downtown Warehouse District, the former commercial laundry facility, Phoenix Linen & Towel Supply Company, has undergone a renovation of more than 30,000 square feet historic warehouse space that was originally built between 1912 and 1985. Bentley Projects, a contemporary art gallery, is a destination location that allows guests to view art pieces; purchase goods and services; and attend lectures and book signings. Additional tenants include Arcadia Farms City Bakery, Poisened Pen Bookstore, Framers Workshop, David Adler Galleries and Warehouse Events. Glen Lineberry of Bentley Projects noted that ‘The focus is to create a viable high-end arts center in downtown Phoenix by drawing moderate to high income individuals and groups to what are considered to be nationally known galleries, bookstore and restaurant.’

Mountain Park Health Center

Financing to renovate a 35,000 square foot space in order to relocate and expand a health clinic, which will increase the number of exam rooms from 13 to 45 and be able to serve 13,000 new patients per year, for a total of 18,250 patients served.