Baptist Leake Hospital

Baptist Health Systems acquired the Leake Memorial Hospital on October 1, 2011 in a transaction with the Leake County Board of Supervisors. Baptist Leake was constructed as a new hospital facility in this medically underserved area with a $29.7 million investment that features the use of both federal and state NMTCs and tax-exempt bond financing. This is a major investment in the healthcare of a severely distressed rural area in Carthage, Mississippi. Located in a Persistent Poverty County in the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) service area, the investment resulted in an expanded overnight facility, 5 new physicians, 15 new support staff and retention of 111 other high-skilled medical technicians (out of 236 total jobs) in this town of 4,600 residents. Upon a full renovation of the 1940s building, the new facility boasts a 25-bed hospital that offers acute care and swing bed services. The facility also offers MRI, vascular ultrasound, echocardiography, wound care and podiatry services. The Level IV emergency room is staffed by qualified physicians and ancillary staff. Located 68 miles from a Level 1 trauma center and most of the state’s healthcare infrastructure in Jackson, this service expansion in rural Carthage, MS has made an immediate impact in healthcare for thousands of Mississippians. Leake County has been designated by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as a primary medical care/health professional shortage area.

Chawla Hospitality Academy

The Chawla family, owners of one of the most successful hospitality companies in Mississippi, has joined forces with Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) to create a new job-training institute that will be designed to attract hospitality trainees from across the region. A new, 63-room ($6.5M) Hampton Inn in the rural Mississippi Delta has partnered with Coahoma Community College, where the new hospitality-training program will be housed. Specific fields of study and certification will be in the areas of management, technical maintenance, housekeeping inspectors, and guest service agents.  Due to the town’s strategic location, growing tourism base as the home of the BB King Museum, and the opportunity to create a training facility, the Chawla family has committed to invest in this highly distressed, rural area in a way that will build the community and increase job opportunities for a region that has traditionally struggled with workforce readiness.

Travelers Hotel

Received $1,250,000 loan to takeout a construction loan for the rehabilitation of historic hotel in Clarksdale, MS to be run by an artist co-op. In 2018, the Travelers Hotel opened to not only celebrate Clarksdale’s rich musical and artistic history, but to transform the local economy by creating a place where art and artists can thrive year-round. The Travelers Hotel will work to make Clarksdale a destination for both artists and art lovers of all kinds, while providing much needed community space and a variety programming for Clarksdale residents. The hotel is managed by an artist cooperative. Artists work two to three days a week at the hotel and at its sister property, a general store and garden center called Collective Seed & Supply Co. The artists live above the general store and, with their basic expenses covered, are able to invest the rest of their time in their creative pursuits. Travelers Hotel – In 2018, NMSC provided low-cost financing to the Travelers Hotel through our Growing Rural Communities Fund, a partnership with Northern Trust and Rural LISC. The hotel, which opened in early 2019, will celebrate Clarksdale’s rich musical and artistic history while working to transform the local economy by creating a place where art and artists can thrive year-round. The Travelers Hotel will work to make Clarksdale a destination for both artists and art lovers of all kinds, while providing much needed community space and a variety of programming for Clarksdale residents.

Vicksburg High School

Renovation work is underway at Vicksburg High School. Additions and improvements add 21st century learning spaces and will include new lab space, a mock courtroom, an entrepreneur lab, an aquaponics lab, student leadership lounge, media center and a student run store and credit union.

Express Biodiesel, LLC

Express Biodiesel (EGB) built a new plant to produce up to 15 million gallons per year of biodiesel from locally sourced soybean oil and waste poultry processing oils. EGB is family owned and operated in Leflore County, a Persistent Poverty County in the MS Delta, a region that has suffered from extreme poverty and high unemployment for generations. When used as vehicle fuel, biodiesel produces significantly lower emissions than petroleum diesel.

University Park at Jackson State University

Located in the West Jackson section of Jackson, MS, the University Park project involved the acquisition and construction of a mixed-use facility directly across the street from a newly-built Jackson State University (JSU) Student Union. The project has created 22,000 sq. ft. for retail/offices and 78 housing units for JSU students and faculty. Units are fully furnished, with access to high- speed Internet, exercise rooms, and activities. The project represents Phase I of a larger revitalization initiative to develop workforce and student housing in the city. The project leverages the JSU student body to attract retail and commercial businesses and amenities for local residents and the community-at-large.