Stigler Health and Wellness

Stigler, Oklahoma is located in eastern rural Oklahoma with a population of 2,731 and serves as the county seat of Haskell County. In 2002, the community implemented a plan to develop a ‘one-stop-sho’ health care campus for the uninsured and underinsured by consolidating existinghealth care services under one roof including medical, dental, mental and pharmaceutical services. The Stigler Wellness Center was relocated to a vacated Wal-Mart building and that allows the Center to house all of its services at one location and still have space available for other healthrelated businesses.

Antlers Wellness Center

The Durant Wellness Center provides opportunities for wellness-related recreational and educational activities including but not limited to: group fitness classes, biometric screens, nutritional counseling, wellness coaching, and general fitness facility usage. The center features 6,982 square feet dedicated to strength and cardio equipment; 6,144 square feet for a full-court basketball gymnasium; a 10-foot-wide suspended walking/jogging track; 3,571 square feet dedicated to recurring CrossFit classes; 750 square feet for indoor cycling; and three fitness studios with a combined 2,726 square feet for fitness classes, yoga, martial arts and various other classes. The wellness center generated 120 construction jobs, 16 retained and 18 new full-time jobs.