Pure Flavor

Construction of an approximately 25 acre greenhouse development to help keep up with demand for hothouse vegetables.

Synergy Solutions

Synergy Solutions, Cellulosic ethanol plant and recycling center: Synergy reopened and modernized an shuttered recycling facility to provide 1) municipal waste recycling, and 2) ethanol produced from expired sugar-based beverages, such as soft drinks and alcohol. Synergy is located in a rural low-income community with very high unemployment, and the closure of several major employers.

Meredian Bioplastics

Manufacturer of environmentally friendly, biodegradable bioplastics relocates to a larger facility and brings significant investment into a low-income community in rural Georgia.

Danimer Bioplastics

Danimer is an innovative manufacturer of sustainable, renewable plastic products, primarily for the consumer food packaging industry.

Mills Rooks, CEO, South Georgia Industrial Development Fund, LLC, Albany, Georgia

We are a CDE for NMTC purposes, though have not yet received an allocation. But, we are located in south Georgia in the center of several counties that are defined as “severe distressed/non-metropolitan”. We feel that we are in a unique environment to attract job creating industries to LICs with the help of NMTCs. The […]