Goodwill Ventures, Inc.

The project replaces the current facility – includes truck docks, a donation drive-thru, an area reserved for the Goodwill Excel Center and Community Career Center, a pound store, office space, salvage operation, salvage storage and material handling space for donations received from Northwest Indiana collection boxes.

Charter School of the Dunes

Charter School of the Dunes (CSOD) constructed a new 50, 000 square foot facility to house its expanding student population and better serve and educate low-income students in the Gary, Indiana area. Its previous facility and new school site are located in the Miller neighborhood on the east side of Gary, a former industrial stronghold […]

Alliance Steel

Alliance Steel is a Flat Roll Steel Service center located in Bedford Park, IL.

Mahdee Iqbal, Director of Finance, Charter School of the Dunes, Gary, Indiana

The NMTC allows schools serving low economic activity areas to construct safe facilities conducing to education, the commercial channels of financing would never allow a $14MM construction in an area where immediate post construction value would be under $10MM. With limited capital, we can serve students in areas where traditional public schools are failing. This […]