Andy Barr (R-KY)

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Selected Projects in KY06

Winchester, KY (2019)

NMTC financing brings high-quality biotech manufacturing jobs back to Winchester, Kentucky…

Lexington, KY (2020)

Second phase of construction of mixed use property which currently contains market rate & subsidized apartments. A medical clinic is in the works as…

Berea, KY (2020)

Berea College deciding to offer more scholarships decided to add onto Lock 12 (dam) to create and sell their electricity. By doing so, there…

Lexington, KY (2019)

Construction of two buildings on Midland Avenue and East Third Street, in the East End neighborhood of Lexington, Kentucky….

Berea, KY (2017)

This project was for a phase in the largest capital expenditure in Berea’s history….

Millersburg, KY (2020)

Continued restoration and renovation of the Mustard Seed Hill campus, creating a home for a business incubator, commercial kitchen, corporate meeting spaces, an event…