Sweet Potato Processing Facility

In eight parishes around Delhi, people are counting on sweet potatoes to restore their incomes. Delhi, Louisiana, that is. There, a new facility will transform locally grown sweet potatoes into sweet potato fries. One of the first plants to be built from the ground up using the industry‚Äôs latest technologies for processing and packing, the […]

Morehouse Community Health Center

The project involves the construction of a 41,260 square foot, state-of-the-art clinic facility in Morehouse Parish that will consolidate three stand-alone sites (a pediatric clinic, a family practice clinic and an administrative site) in New Bastrop, retaining 37 FTEs, and allowing for (1) the expansion of medical, dental and behavioral health services; (2) on-site access […]

Vidalia Denim

Financing for Vidalia Mills, a startup denim manufacturer producing high-quality fabrics using sustainable and eco-friendly processes.

Louisiana Forestlands

Louisiana is a national leader in the forestry industry, employing more than 17,000 people in wood manufacturing. Hurricane Katrina had severe repercussions; a financial downturn forced businesses to sell out. The Forestland Group utilized NMTCs to complete the purchase of 82,000 acres of hardwood forests in Louisiana, in addition to a hardwood sawmill and processing […]

Riverland Medical Center

Riverland Medical Center serves rural Concordia Parish in eastern central Louisiana, about 180 miles north of New Orleans along the Mississippi River.