Jack Bergman (R-MI)

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Selected Projects in MI01

Alpena, MI (2011)

American Process, Inc., utilized NMTCs to create 20 new jobs for a biorefinery project at its Alpena, Michigan plant site….

Manistique, MI (2020)

NMTC financing supported equipment upgrades for a recycled paper manufacturer and paper mill. The new financing supported the ongoing development and improvement of the…

Elmira, MI (2017)

Financing for the acquisition and installation of equipment for a metal casting facility, East Jordan Iron Works….

Calumet, MI (2016)

FQHC in rural Calumet, MI, providing exceptional medical, dental and behavioral health care….

Quinnesec, MI (2010)

The project includes equipment and facility upgrades to a paper mill in Quinnesec, MI….