Steven Horsford (D-NV04)

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Selected Projects in NV04

Pahrump, NV (2020)

NMTC financing was used to construct and equip a commercial car wash facility in rural Nevada. The NMTC subsidy was critical in enabling the…

Las Vegas, NV (2014)

Historic West Side School rehabilitation into mixed-use facility including TechImpact Las Vegas, a tech incubator…

Las Vegas, NV (2020)

Finances the purchase and installation of equipment and raw materials for two facilities that design, manufacture and sell sustainable, insulated shipping containers. The company’s…

North Las Vegas, NV (2018)

Construction of a 98,000 sq. ft. educational campus, including two buildings: an academic and administrative building and an athletic and recreational building….

North Las Vegas, NV (2020)

Three Square food bank now has three locations as part of its mission of helping those who are hungry and food insecure….