Host a Town Hall Meeting

townhallPartner with Local Organizations to Get Attention

Town hall meetings are an important tool for getting the attention of federal lawmakers, informing your neighbors about the issues, garnering media attention, and demonstrating the strength of a community’s stance. Host your own town hall meeting with a Senator or Representative by taking the following steps:

Planning Stage: Form a Planning Committee with Other Local and State Groups

  • The more local and state partners you work with, the better your chances of getting your Senators and Representatives to attend.
    • Nothing creates a more powerful incentive than having your event supported by a broad (and large) swath of voters. Remember that constituents always matter!
    • Invite your Board of Directors, clients, staff, and others who are committed to the work you do and who can share a personal story of how your organization has impacted their life.
  • Call us and let us help you lay the groundwork.
    • There are other organizations across the nation who share your passion about strengthening local communities. We can help you find like-minded organizations in your area to partner with, help your planning committee organize the event, and invite media to attend.
  • Use social media to garner additional participation and raise the profile of your Town Hall meeting.  Need ideas—ask us and we will provide you with social media best practices for this type of event.
  • Thank everyone for coming. Always have attendees fill out a sign-in sheet with their name, phone number, address, and email address. Contact information will help you follow up with people after the event to let them know what’s happening on the issues that were addressed.