Community Testimonials​

Projects supported by this program obtain flexible capital to create more job opportunities for low-income people. This is essentially important to fund more projects that will get our people out of poverty and provide them with a high-quality job and a bright future for them and their families.

-Giovanna Piovanetti, Executive President, Corporacion para el Financiamiento Empresarial del Comercio y las Comunidades, San Juan, Puerto Rico

NMTC is the only resource that we have to help finance the scaleable expansion of direct critical services such as health care, workforce training, and youth education in low-income communities.

-Wendy Weiss, Nonprofit Finance Fund, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As the former Mayor of Huron, and current Economic Development Director, I can speak directly to the impact that the NMTC program has had in Huron.
NMTC funding was a critical component of the funding package for Central Park, a brownfield redevelopment project in the heart of Huron. This project had been languishing for years due to a lack of funding, along with significant challenges that had been identified within the project, including asbestos in buildings, petroleum contaminated soils, mold abatement, and other environmental challenges.

I can unequivocally state that the availability of NMTC funding was the only reason that the health hazards, environmental issues, and community blight located in the center of our city was able to be resolved. The project truly was a turning point for Huron; the resulting outcome not only created jobs and eliminated a blighted environmental hazard in Huron, but also provided enhancement for the arts, recreation, and education in our community.

-David McGirr, CEO, Greater Huron Development Corporation, Huron, South Dakota

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