Community Testimonials​

This tax credit is allowing our community to put in infrastructure for over 300 units of workforce housing, as well as three commercial sites (including a much-needed childcare center!) that will keep our gateway resort town alive! The economic benefit’s are almost immeasurable in terms of people’s quality of life, ability to drive less and participate more in the American Dream!

-Audrey Graham, Chair, Moab Area Community Land Trust, Moab, Utah

We were afforded the opportunity to open a business several years ago. In this time, we have provided numerous job opportunities for low-income and distressed communities. Many businesses could not get funding without this type of a program. Thus preventing many job opportunities in these underserved communities. We NEED a permanent extension if we are going to strengthen and build communities!

-Tundra Whitt, Co-Owner, Meineke Car Care Center, Memphis, Tennessee

With increased construction costs, programs like these assist us in making the dream of homeownership become a reality, thus helping to build stronger families and communities.

-Kelly Lamb, Executive Director, Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Massachusetts Project Profiles

Detroit Lakes, (2007)

Minneapolis, (2017)

Superior, (2009)

Stillwater, (2013)

College Park, (2017)