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2013 NMTC Bulletins

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2011 NMTC Bulletins

  • Volume 9 Number 1: President to Propose Tax Relief for Small Businesses
  • Volume 9 Number 2: NMTC Allocation Award Announcement Imminent
  • Volume 9 Number 3: Just Released from the Treasury Department
  • Volume 9 Number 4: House Democrats Introduce New Jobs Bill – Calls for AMT relief for NMTC, NMTC Coalition Congressional Briefing on March 15th on Capitol Hill
  • Volume 9 Number 5: Legislative Update, Brief Notes on NMTCC Board Meeting, Save the Date!
  • Volume 9 Number 6: The Treasury Department Invites Recommendation for 2011-2012 Guidance Priority List
  • Volume 9 Number 7: Treasury’s New Markets Tax Credit Program Named One of Top 25 in Innovations in American Government Awards Competition
  • Volume 9 Number 8: Call Your Senators Today and Ask them to Co-Sponsor New Markets Tax Credit Extension Act of 2011
  • Volume 9 Number 9: Bi-partisan Coalition Introduces New Market Tax Credit Bill Extension Legislation
  • Volume 9 Number 10: The CDFI Fund Releases the 2011 NMTC Application
  • Volume 9 Number 11: Changes in 2011 NMTC Application, NMTC State Profiles Now Available to NMTC Coalition Members, NMTC Coalition Launches Effort to Gain Support of QALICBs, IRS Proposed Regulation (REG-101826-11) on the NMTC Program
  • Volume 9 Number 12: NMTC Coalition Policy Conference Recap, The Coalition’s 2011 NMTC Progress Report is Now Available, IRS Releases Two Notices Relating to NMTC Investing in Non-Real Businesses
  • Volume 9 Number 13: One month, eleven Senators, nine states…, Please Circulate Business Sign-On Letter in Support of NMTC
  • Volume 9 Number 14: Thirteen Senators, ten states…, 100 Businesses Have Joined Letter in Support of NMTC, Written Testimony by Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner before the House Committee on Small Business
  • Volume 9 Number 15: Local Businesses Needed to Support the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC)
  • Volume 9 Number 16: Update on NMTC Business Support Letter
  • Volume 9 Number 17: 5-Year Bipartisan New Markets Extender Bill Introduced in House, Please Encourage Businesses to Sign NMTC Support Letter, NMTC Coalition Responds to Sen. Coburn’s Back in Black Proposal
  • Volumbe 9 Number18: The Debt Deal – What it May Mean, Demand for NMTC Soars, Bipartisan NMTC Extender Bills Introduced, Disaster Relief Bill Includes NMTC
  • Volume 9 Number 19: Super Committee Named, Please Encourage Businesses to Sign NMTC Support Letter, Save the Date!
  • Volume 9 Number 20: Congress returns, Path for Final Decisions on Tax, Spending, Jobs and Deficit Reduction Unclear, Campaign to Extend NMTC, NMTC Coalition on Capitol Hill: Briefing on October 5, Discounted Registration Now Open for NMTC Coalition Annual Conference, NMTC in the News

2010 NMTC Bulletins

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