Andy Levin (D-MI09)

DC Phone: 202-225-4961

Tax Staffer: Catherine Rowland, [email protected] (Updated: 02/22/2021)

The tax credit program is very helpful, it allows our community to provide good affordable housing to people who otherwise would not income qualify if it were any different. This program not only helps the single parents wanting to provide a good safe place for their children, but also helps seniors who are on a sometimes low fixed income with Social Security or SSI. This program also helps those with a Housing Choice Voucher, who otherwise may not be accepted at other communities due to the decrease in the number of communities accepting the voucher. With the rising markets and rent rates continually increasing, this is a great program for those in need of a good home. I would like to see this program continue and even grow bigger in the next year to help out the communities.

-Tammy Elliott, Assistant Prop. Manager, Harper Square Apartments, Clinton Township, Michigan

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