Barbara Lee (D-CA13)

Tax Staffer: Samira Damavandi, [email protected] (Updated: 05/11/2022)


[The NMTC] is a crucial source of funding to help stop commercial displacement in the vibrant neighborhood of Oakland whose population we serve.

-Echo Bergquist, The Unity Council, Oakland, California

Due to the NMTC deals, we are able to build affordable homes in our community for home-ownership which in turn builds more opportunities and stable communities for all involved.

-Christine Chu, Controller, Habitat for Humanity EBSV, Oakland, California

[Making the NMTC permanent] will provide a stable path for non-profits to find stability in this difficult financial environment

-Steven Oliver, Oliver and Company, Richmond, California

New Market Tax Credits are enabling the transformation of the Oakland Museum of California into a community gathering space and “town square” in the heart of downtown Oakland. Our renewed gardens and enhanced campus will open up to the surrounding neighborhoods, will serve as a platform for arts and cultural programming, and will connect learning experiences about California art, history and natural sciences within the Museum galleries directly to interpretations and experiences in our landmark gardens. Even with public and private funding, we could not complete the vision for this project without NMTCs.

-Lori Fogarty, Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, California


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In the district, the NMTC has financed 4 projects expanding manufacturing businesses through 2021

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Through 2021, the NMTC has supported 4 FQHCs in the district.

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)


Oakland, CA

Transofrmation of the Oakland Auditorium and Calvin Simmons Theatre into a mixed-use facility that will provide arts organizations and…

Berkeley, CA

Construction of the Ed Roberts Campus, a collaboration of seven non-profit organizations serving the Bay Area….

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