Karen Bass (D-CA37)

DC Phone: 202-225-7084

Tax Staffer: Khaula Kaiser, [email protected] (Updated: 04/29/2021)

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Los Angeles, CA (2020)

SuprMarkt LA specializes as a pop up farmers market type of business that serves healthy & organic foods to the local community. The purchase…

Los Angeles, CA (2017)

Development of a 460-seat charter high school….

Los Angeles, CA (2017)

Build-out of a new ambulatory surgery center and rehab another building to include an urgent care center, slinical space, research facilities and administration facilities….

Los Angeles, CA (2016)

The Math and Science College Prep (MSCP) High School facility at 3200 Adams Blvd. was financed with ExED and LIIF NMTCs in May 2016,…

Los Angeles, CA (2014)

For decades, the residents of the diverse Figueroa Corridor in Los Angeles struggled with a lack of quality jobs and business opportunities, low educational…

Los Angeles, CA (2010)

Historically, California has funded privately contracted, for-profit service providers to develop and operate group homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. However, this can leave…

Los Angeles, CA (2008)

AADAP is a nonprofit 501[c] [3] corporation established in 1972….

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