Juan Vargas (D-CA51)

DC Phone: 202-225-8045

Tax Staffer: Scott Hinkle, [email protected] (Updated: 07/28/2021)

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)


San Ysidro, CA 

Casa Familiar, a nonprofit community-based organization founded in 1973, is the leading service and community development organization in the border community of San Ysidro…
Construction of a 44,310 sq. ft. Health Center in a underserved county….

San Diego, CA 

The Civic San Diego Economic Growth and Neighborhood Investment Fund provided a $23 million NMTC investment to help bridge a funding gap for the…
Diamond Neighborhoods Family Health Center involves the relocation and major expansion of FHCSD’s current store-front center in the Diamond Neighborhoods area of San Diego….

San Diego, CA 

Renovation of a vacant warehouse provides a state-of-the-art K-12 learning facility for students impacted by homelessness….

San Diego, CA 

Financing for The San Ysidro Health Center, a leading provider of quality healthcare for low-income people….

NMTC Project Profiles (Nearby the District)

The University of California, San Diego will be extending its reach into downtown San Diego’s East Village neighborhood. As part of the University’s Extension…

San Diego, CA 

The project will result in a new, two-story 21,500 square-foot structure that will house a nine-court, state-of-the-art squash and learning center. It will provide…

San Diego, CA 

NMCC contributed $15.89 million of NMTC’s for two QLICI’s totaling $15.7 million to construct a new, 68,000 sq. ft. replacement facility for Sharp HealthCare…

San Diego, CA 

Copley-Price Family YMCA opened its doors to the public in 2014 and proudly serves one of the most diverse communities in San Diego, offering…

San Diego, CA 

A new senior center to provide meals, shelter, and healthcare to low-income seniors….

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